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Fairview Choral Music Program

Fairview High School has had a long history of high-quality extensive choral music programs with as many as nine separate choirs covering a variety of musical styles and eras. They are: Age Of Guinevere, Chivalry, Court of Charlemagne, Enchantment, Excalibur, Festival, Kingsmen, Troubadours, and Voices of the Knight.

Fairview choirs are renowned throughout the region and various groups are invited annually to perform at the prestigious Colorado Music Educator's Conference, held at the Broadmoor in Colorado Springs.

See a preview produced by Sydney Chinowsky Photography https://youtu.be/A_-P4aahaIc

Choral Groups

The following choral groups are currently active, or will soon be, at Fairview. Please click on a choir below for more information.

Age of Guinevere (N67) Chivalry Enchantment (N62) Excalibur (N68) Festival (N64) Kingsmen Troubadours (N60) Voices of the Knight (N54) Court of Charlemagne


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