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Welcome to the Fairview Cross Country Page! Fairview XC has a long, proud tradition of promoting running as a life-style and being highly competitive. There is a place on the team for everyone. Our season begins mid-August and concludes end of October.


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March 16, 2017

All throughout the year, we push information about Fairview XC. If you are a team member, you are required to be here. :) We also invite former athletes and families to follow team developments and hopefully bring back some good memories of your time at Fairview.

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Congrats – State Championship Meet

October 28, 2018

Fairview did really well at the State Meet on Saturday, 27 October.

Boys – 5th
Girls – 7th

This represents Fairview’s best overall performance in four years. More importantly, there were many amazing performances where our athletes truly pushed themselves to their physical limits. We love seeing that determination and grit! Most importantly, our athletes came together as a team. Predictive modeling had Fairview finishing strong, but our boy’s and girl’s teams collectively advanced far... (continued)

Team Handbook

August 28, 2015

The team handbook articulates the basics about how the team operates, and is a good resource for all those new to XC. Athletes and parents are encouraged to read it in its entirety. It can be found here

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