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Hello! Welcome to Fairview's Dance Club. We meet both block lunches in the MAT room and will be doing many different styles of dance such as hip hop, modern, contemporary, basic ballet, some kpop dances for those interested. All levels of experience are welcome, so don’t be afraid to join if you have no experience! This is a judgement free club for people who like to dance, want to learn to dance, or would like to teach others different styles of dance. We’ll practice different styles of dance each day so if you only want to do a particular type of dance, you can come for just that day. We’ll decide what types of dance depending on what you want to learn or practice.


First Meeting on 11/20!

Posted on November 12, 2019

We'll be hosting our first official meeting on November 20th during block lunch! We'll spend our time discussing what you guys want out of the club and doing some simple dances exercises! Hope to see you there!

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Wednesday & Thursday block lunch

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