Fairview High School

Business Club / FBLA

Fairview Business Club strives to provide its members with the opportunity to gain valuable knowledge about the business and professional world. Members have the opportunity to compete through the Future Business Leaders of America (FBLA) organization and gain hands-on business experience through FBLA competitions, Business Achievement Award activities, dynamic guest speakers, and member-led projects.

Meetings are weekly during Wednesday block lunch.

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2013-2014 Executive Team
President: Hillary Lutkus Vice Presidents: Jane Lee and Maddie Leh Secretary: Taylor Cousin Treasurer: Charlie Beckman FBLA Manager: Jessica Huang Director of Guest Speakers: Madi Kerndt Vice President of Events: Tara Srinivas Credit Union Ambassador: Nick Gunther


  • April 02, 2014 FBC April Fundraising Nights: Remember to bring your flyers!

    This month, there are three dates for fundraising.

    1. Wednesday, April 9th & Thursday, April 10th: Beau Jo's Pizza (all day) (2690 Baseline Road Boulder, CO)
    2. Wednesday, April 19th: California Pizza Kitchen (all day) (1711 29th Street #1180 Boulder, CO)

    There are flyers for each of the restaurants in the Files tab of the FHS FBC website: https://www.fairviewhs.org/sites/fairviewbusiness/files

    Please print out 10+ copies of the flyers for Beau Jo's and Cali Pizza Kitchen and give them... (continued)

  • March 07, 2014 March 12th: FINAL Day to turn in ALL FBLA State Forms & Fees

    This Wednesday, March 12th, is the final day to turn in the signed parent letter, the four signed forms, and the non-refundable $220 State fee. These forms can be found attached to the previous email and at www.fairviewhs.org/sites/fairviewbusiness/folders/2663 . No late materials will be accepted.

    If you did not pay the full $220 this past Wednesday, and/or you have not submitted all of the required forms, you will be contacted directly, either by email or on Facebook.

    If you are staying... (continued)

  • March 07, 2014 Two FBC Fundraising Nights in April!

    Great news! FBC has scheduled two fundraising days for Business Club. The first is at Beau Jo's in Boulder on April 9th and 10th. The second is at the 29th Street California Pizza Kitchen on April 16th. More information will follow, including a flyer that you can tell your friends and family to bring with them on these days.