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Coach Feeney

[email protected]

Head Coach Andy Feeney grew up riding his bike everywhere and has been involved in bike racing for over 20 years - first as a triathlete, then as a rider for the CU cycling team, and finally as a pro MTB racer. In recent years, Coach Feeney has turned in some impressive results in endurance races such as the Gunnison Growler and the 90-mile Bailey Hundo, where he finished 8th overall in 2017. Doing triple duty as a Fairview science teacher, dad, and mountain bike coach, we’re not sure when Coach Feeney sleeps, but we appreciate everything he does for the team!

Assistant Coaches

Coach registration instructions

Colorado League Coach License Requirements

Upcoming in Person Coach Education Clinics

All coaches must be at least Level 1, meeting the following requirements:

  1. Background check (annual)
  2. Concussion training (annual)
  3. Athlete Abuse & Awareness (every 2 years)
  4. Mental Health & Suicide Prevention (every 2 years)
  5. Positive Youth Development (every 2 years)

The League requires that we have at least one Level 2/3 coach riding with each practice group, so we would like for some coaches to move to Level 2, meeting the following requirements:

  1. MTB coaching basic skills (one time)
  2. 3 professional development units (one time)
  3. 20 field hours (one time)
  4. CPR (every 2 years)
  5. Wilderness First Aid, 16 hr class (every 2 years)

Please reach out to Beth or Mignon about attending L2 training sessions.


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