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2022 Varsity Letter Requirements

A Varsity Letter is an award earned for excellence in school activities after meeting the following criteria.

Freshman & Sophomore Athletes:
Athlete qualifies and races in the state championship and places on the podium in any league race. Earning a varsity letter as a freshman or sophomore is challenging, and only a small percentage of the team qualify each year.

Junior Varsity & Varsity Athletes:
Athlete qualifies and races in state championships.

Criteria for all Athletes:

  • 6 Hours Community Service - athlete completes 6 hours of volunteer work related to the biking community or trail advocacy, coach approved.
  • 2 Hours Colorado League Service - athlete volunteers 2 hours for the Colorado Cycling League at a race or at the League headquarters in Boulder.
  • Consistently attends practices & team functions, has a positive attitude, and communicates well with coaches.
  • Follows Rules - athlete always follows team and Colorado League rules and safety guidelines and acts as a good ambassador for the sport, league, and high school.
  • Good Academic Standing - athlete maintains a 2.5 GPA or above.
  • Coaches Discretion may be used for a junior or senior athlete who demonstrates exceptional commitment to the team and to improving as a rider.


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