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Parent Volunteers

We appreciate all of the parent volunteers who help throughout the season. We could not do this without you!

Volunteer Positions - Behind the Scenes
Volunteer Lead
Pit Coordinators
Volunteer Signup Coordinator
Mid Season Gathering
Team Dinner + End of Season Gathering
Photographer/End of Season Slide Show
Sponsorship Coordinator
Social Media
Team Treasurer
Community Service Coordinator
Race Registration Coorrdinator
Race logistics/spreadsheet
9th Grade level team liaison
10th Grade level team liaison
Team letters+certificates w/team photo
Assistant Coach Liaisons
Pre-ride and race day warm-up scheduling
Skratch order

Volunteer Positions - Race Day
Pit Coordinators
Feed Zone
Trailer Manager
Trailer Hauler
Setup Lead
Teardown Lead
Race Day Mechanics

Please reach out to Beth about volunteering.


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