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Upcoming Events

Posted on February 17, 2020

20 May at FHS Freshmen Parents Meeting

27 May at FHS Pasta Jay's Dinner (Fundraiser)

26 May -12 June at FHS Spring Ball

12 June at Rangeview HS Spring Game

15 Jun - 24 Jul at FHS Summer Workouts

3-4 Aug at FHS Knight Camp

5-8 Aug at Nederland HS Summit Camp

10 Aug at FHS 1st CHSAA Practice

28 Aug at Recht Field Boulder Game (season opener)

Fairview Football Booster Club

Posted on February 10, 2018

Support the Football Booster club. We need your help!
Get more information at: Fairview Knights Football Booster Club.
Come join us!

King Soopers Fundraiser

Posted on March 30, 2019

Starting on April 1st King Soopers is launching a new rewards program to make it easier than ever before. This new program will allow those who support Fairview Football to simply use their registered King Soopers loyalty card to earn funds to help defer the Football Program Costs.

Here’s How It Works:

· No more reloadable gift cards (this will now be tied to the King Soopers loyalty card). If you have money on a card, it will still be usable.

· It will pay out every quarter to the football (starting at the end of 2nd quarter in 2019)

· Check and statement will be sent out 30 days after the end of the cycle

· Easier for family and friends to participate! No re loadable cards, just have them link their loyalty card to Fairview Football

Attached are the instructions to link your accounts.

Note: We have the individually KS money tracked through March 2019. After that, the money earned will still go to Fairview Football, but King Soopers doesn't have a way to track what specific kid earned what via reports. King Soopers said that individuals may need to track via their own account and supply results, but I am not sure how viable that process will be. So, just be aware that the money may go to the team post April 1st. Still a great and easy way to earn money for the program!


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