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Registration for Football 2020

Get your Athletic Physical done in June!

Need to bring in your signed physical form from you doctors office to register.

Registration begins in late July:

There are six steps to get registered:

  1. Get a signed physical form from your doctor.

  2. Register and pay online: go to Athletic Registration and click on the Athletic Registration button. Follow the steps and print out the receipt (they need a paper copy).
    Bring the two papers (the receipt and the physical form) to the main office, athletic secretary to Cathy Kavakas, the administrative assistant to the Athletic Director. This is done around July 29 to 30. She will give the player a green slip in return.

  3. Go to back to the online store Team Sports and Activities Page to finish paying the football fees for August, the team BBQ, and HUDL if needed. No receipt needed or keep for your records.

  4. Read the Football Manual, both player and parents, and print and sign the form and bring to checkout.

  5. Bring in the Summit Permission Form signed by the player and parents.

  6. Knight Camp, August 3 & 4, are the checkout days. The player will meet individually with Coach McCartney. This is the time to turn in the green slip, the Football Manual signature form, and the Summit camp Permission slip. This is also the time the coach will verify that all your steps are done, fees are payed, goals are set, and the player is ready to play. The players will meet with the coach at these times:
    Monday, Aug 3rd: Seniors - 10-12, Juniors - 1:30 - 3:30, Practice 4-6pm
    Tuesday,Aug 4th: Sophomores - 10-12, Freshmen - 1:30 - 3:30, Practice 4-6 pm


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