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Back in February, your students received information from high school counselors and middle school teachers in order to make choices about classes for next year. This was the beginning of the process of Course Selection. The high schools are currently working on turning these requests into schedules for next year. The next step of the process of transitioning to high school is REGISTRATION.

All incoming students must come to FHS in May for Registration.

Freshman registration is on:

Wednesday, May 24th from 4:00pm to 6:00pm and Thursday, May 25th from 4:00pm to 6:00pm.

If you can’t make it on Wednesday or Thursday, you can register with another rising class on the previous days. Please check the FHS website for times.

Please know, however, if you register on an earlier date, you will not receive any information about what classes you've been confirmed for and will need to wait until August to see that list.

On registration day, your student will have their picture taken for student ID purposes. Additional pictures for family can be ordered with a personal check at this time.

Although it looks complicated, registration should only take a short time. Here are some ways to make registration simple:

  1. DO fill out and submit online via Infinite Campus the information requested; some of which needs to be signed off on by both student and parent. The only forms that will need to be printed are the emergency contact information and the Academic Honesty Form. An email from BVSD explaining the registration process and requirements was sent to parents from the school.
  2. During the registration process at Fairview you will be able to order planners, yearbooks, activity passes, royal banner subscriptions and make Post Grad donations.
  3. Don’t forget to bring your checkbook or send a check with your student in case you wish to make donations to help our FPO and Sports Booster.
  4. A list of assigned classes for next year will be issued to your student once registration is completed and all fees have been paid. IF your student has a problem with the classes he/she sees on their list; it is CRITICAL to immediately see the counseling staff during registration to get any changes made. Students will NOT be able to make changes to their classes in the fall when the class schedules are already finalized. This list doesn’t include periods or teachers. Usually, final schedules with periods listed will be handed out on August 16, the first day of school, and posted on Infinite Campus the evening of August 15th.

AP/IB Summer Reading
If your student is in PIB LA, they will have required summer reading. Don’t forget to check the Fairview web site for the reading list toward the end of May.

Fall Sports
If your student is planning to participate in a fall sport please check the FHS Athletics website or contact the coach directly to find out whether anything is going on over the summer. Some programs, e.g. Football and Cross Country, do strength training, summer running or even camps. Fall sports online registration starts the first week in August and your student will have to have had a physical within the previous 12 months.

Summer Knight Crew Correspondence
Each student will be assigned a Knight Crew leader. The Knight Crew leaders are Juniors and Seniors who provide some guidance and assistance to the Freshmen on the first few days of school and within the Freshman Seminar classes. Leaders will mail a postcard within a week or two of the end of this school year and another one in early August welcoming your students to Fairview. The Knight Crew leaders will also make an effort to contact their freshmen during the summer one time and then personally call them within just a few days of the first day of school.

First Day of School
The first day of school for freshmen is August 16th. School starts at 8:00am. On this day, your student will get their student ID and locker assignment, participate in orientation activities, and go to all their classes on a shortened schedule.

Freshman Parent Night
Please save the date!!!! Freshman Parent Night will be Wednesday August 23rd. At 6:30pm, our principal, Don Stensrud and the Fairview counseling staff will present information that every parent of a freshman should know. Afterwards, you’re invited for tea and cookies, where you will have an opportunity to meet with Fairview staff and students including counseling, FPO members, PEN, club leaders, band, and Knight Crew who are there to answer your questions.


The Fairview website The Fairview website is an invaluable resource of information. I would highly recommend spending time navigating and exploring it www.fairviewhs.org The Fairview Counseling website The Fairview Counseling website has great information for you and your student about the high school experience in addition to college and career planning resources. www.fairviewhs.org/counseling

Infinite Campus Did you know that in Infinite Campus (IC) you can not only see your child’s grades, but you can also change key contact information the school uses to reach you? When you log in to your IC account, the ‘District Notices’ bulletin board is automatically opened up for you. If you click on the ‘School Notices’ tab just below, you will open the bulletin board specific to Fairview. This Board may display additional information pertaining to activities going on at the school. IC also has apps for iPhone and Android which is another really easy way to keep up on your student’s school performance.