Fairview High School

Fairview Parent Organization

Fairview High School FPO
Fairview Parent Organization (FPO) is a non-profit group dedicated to supporting our students, school administrators, faculty and staff. Our focus includes:

  • Raising funds for use in the classrooms, staff development, and growing our community
  • Coordinating volunteer activities and events during the year for the school;
  • Providing a forum for parent education and communication.
  • Serving as a parent-based liaison between our school and the BVSD district.

The FPO is run by parents who volunteer their time and experience. Current members of the FPO are:

Team Member Primary Role
Phil Bender BVSD Liaison
Kelly Fano VP Communications (FairViews Newsletter)
Monika King Freshman Link Leader
Martha Limber VP Finance/Treasurer
Jill Lintukorpi Executive VP & Events VP
Gavin Maitland Chair
Penny Tompkins VP Fundraising
Sue Troller Secretary

We are actively seeking parent volunteers to support our activities and the school’s mission. Benefits of volunteering include:

  • Giving back/contributing to the school community;
  • Getting to know fellow parents in a fun and rewarding environment;
  • Helping first-hand to build an inclusive and well-rounded community.

If you are interested in (occasionally) rolling up your sleeves and getting involved, please contact us: fairviewparentorg@gmail.com. We would love to hear from you!