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Fairview Parent Organization (FPO) is a non-profit parent organization dedicated to providing support to the entire Fairview community and staff.

FPO is asking for $50 per student to support the programs listed below.

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FPO serves four main purposes:

• Teacher Classroom grants  FPO spends over $50,000 each year supporting the needs of our teachers in their classrooms. A large portion of the 2016-2017 budget purchased Chromebooks for the LA department as well as the biology section of the Science Department. FPO also awarded smaller grants to the science department, visual arts, digital design, special ed, Counseling, ESL, the French department, film and theatre, the student achievement center and consumer sciences. Click on the files link to the left to find a complete list of the classroom grants awarded in 2016.

• School Events--FPO organizes and pays for many school events  Freshman pizza lunch on the first day of school  Freshman Parent Night  Back to School Block Party  Senior Picnic  Coffee with the Principal

• Teacher and Staff support  Parent Teacher conference dinners  Holiday Tea  End of Year Appreciation Breakfast  Retirement gifts Professional Development--click on the files link to the left for a list of the professional development grants awards for this past summer trainings.

• School programs  Knight Crew  After Prom

FPO is a 501(c)(3). For a financial reports for the last two school years click on the files link at the left.

FPO is run by a volunteer parent board. We meet monthly and meetings are open to any interested parent. Current members of the FPO board are:

If you have any questions regarding the FPO, including volunteer opportunities, please contact Renae Foxhoven at [email protected]