Fairview High School

Fairview Parent Organization

Fairview High School FPO
Fairview Parent Organization (FPO) is a non-profit group dedicated to supporting our students, school administrators, faculty and staff. Our focus includes:

  • Raising funds for use in the classrooms, staff development, and growing our community
  • Coordinating volunteer activities and events during the year for the school;
  • Providing a forum for parent education and communication.
  • Serving as a parent-based liaison between our school and the BVSD district.

The FPO is run by parents who volunteer their time and experience. Current members of the FPO are:

Team Member Primary Role
Phil Bender BVSD Liaison
Kelly Fano VP Communications (FairViews Newsletter)
Monika King Freshman Link Leader
Martha Limber VP Finance/Treasurer
Jill Lintukorpi Executive VP
Gavin Maitland Chair
Penny Tompkins VP Fundraising
Sue Troller Secretary

We are actively seeking parent volunteers to support our activities and the school’s mission. Benefits of volunteering include:

  • Giving back/contributing to the school community;
  • Getting to know fellow parents in a fun and rewarding environment;
  • Helping first-hand to build an inclusive and well-rounded community.

If you are interested in (occasionally) rolling up your sleeves and getting involved, please contact us: gavin.maitland@boomcom.com. We would love to hear from you!