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Fairview High School FPO Fairview Parents Organization (FPO) is a non-profit group dedicated to supporting our students, school administrators, faculty and staff. Our focus includes:

  • Raising funds for use in the classrooms, staff development, and growing our community – the primary fundraiser is the annual KnightQuest Campaign
  • Coordinating volunteer activities and events during the year for the school
  • Providing a forum for parent education and communication
  • Serving as a parent-based liaison between our school and the BVSD district.

The FPO is run by parents who volunteer their time and experience. Board Meetings are held monthly during the academic year. Current members of the FPO are:

Team Member Role email
Renae Foxhoven Chair, President renae@foxbach.com
Martha Limber VP Finance/Treasurer martha.limber@gmail.com
Madeline Allen VP Fundraising madelineallen@mindspring.com
Susie Wyman VP Events - joint wyman.susie@gmail.com
Renae Foxhoven VP Events - joint renae@foxbach.com
Robin McClurg-George Secretary rmccl49504@aol.com
Debbie Brinley PEN Rep/Student Wellness karwto@yahoo.com
Kelly Fano VP Communications (FairViews Newsletter) fanofamily@comcast.net
Monika King Freshman Link Leader monika.king@gmail.com
Sandy Lilley BVSD Liaison/Subsidy Grants gsjlilley@gmail.com

The annual KnightQuest Campaign runs all year long, although the primary fundraising period is May through to October. Parents and other interested parties are asked to donate to the campaign, and the funds raised are disbursed by the FPO. In October 2015, over $70,000 were disbursed from funds raised by the KnightQuest Campaign. The FPO believes in the highest level of accountability and transparency. It recognizes the generosity of campaign donations and the implicit trust placed in it by parents and other parties to safeguard and disburse donated funds to the areas of most need within the school community. The following documents are available here:

If you have any questions regarding the FPO, including volunteer opportunities, please contact Renae Foxhoven at renae@foxbach.com