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How much do freshman grades matter for college admissions? Don’t make this a subject of great worry and added stress. Yes, it is always important for students to do as well as possible in their classes during high school but colleges understand that freshman year can be a time of adjustment for many students. If the freshman year has been challenging, admissions officers will be looking for an upward trend in the student’s grades over the next three years.

If students need any extra support to be successful in their classes, there is a descriptive list on the Counseling Office website, with sources where they can find temporary or long-term help: Academic Support

Students are encouraged to: 1. Meet with teachers during free class periods and during Collaboration Access Time. 2. Receive help from tutors in the Student Achievement Center (SAC) in the library. Contact for the SAC is Michelle Considine, or call 720-561-3399). 3. Request a tutor by logging onto the FHS Website Homepage and linking to the “Tutoring Marketplace.” 4. Take advantage of many self-help resources like Khan Academy. 5. Students who are in need of an extra measure of academic support should meet with counselors to consider additional options. Please check the Counseling Office website for more information or contact their student's counselor -- Academic Support

Standardized Testing What standardized tests will my student need to take and when will he/she take them? Don’t worry, your freshman student did not need to take the PSAT!

There is plenty of time to take this practice SAT test during their sophomore and junior years. On the Counseling website there is a thorough article about all the tests, and when it is recommended for students to take them -- PSAT/SAT/ACT Testing

We also recommend that students and families refer to the Testing Timeline that is suggested on the counseling website.

Course Selection/Learning Style/College Planning with ICAP & Naviance Freshmen receive instruction from counselors and learn about their interests, personalities, learning styles, and more.

During the month of October, all freshmen students take a survey on Naviance to find out about their learning styles: visual, tactile, auditory, kinesthetic, or a combination. Ask your students about the results of this survey and which learning style best describes how they best take in and assimilate information.

In the next three months, freshmen will be taking interest surveys and also developing a plan to give them ideas and requirements for future course selections. Parents have access to Naviance on our website by obtaining a password from the Administrative Assistants in the Counseling Office.

Naviance is also a powerful tool for researching colleges when your student is ready. It's a great idea to get your login and ask your student if they know theirs.


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