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Freshman Parent Resources
This is an FAQ page dedicated to answering questions of importance to freshman families.

The Fairview website The Fairview website is a valuable resource of information. We would highly recommend spending time navigating and exploring the website at www.fairviewhs.org. You will find the following information and much more:
Bell ScheduleBVSD CalendarStaff directoryClubs & AthleticsCounseling

FHS Counseling The Fairview Counseling website has great information for you and your student about the high school experience in addition to college and career planning resources. www.fairviewhs.org/counseling

Open Campus Fairview High School is an open campus. This means your student can come and go as they please during school hours. If they have a doctor's appointment or they need to leave school for a different reason, you Do Not need to call in or sign them out. It is helpful if they are going to leave class in the middle that they let their teacher know ahead of time so it causes as little disruption as possible.

Infinite Campus Did you know that in Infinite Campus (IC) you can not only see your child’s grades, schedule and much more! IC also has apps for iPhone and Android which is another really easy way to keep up on your student’s school performance. Sign into Infinite Campus at www.bvsd.org.

When you log in to your IC account, the ‘District Notices’ bulletin board is automatically opened up for you. If you click on the ‘School Notices’ tab just below, you will open the bulletin board specific to Fairview. This Board may display additional information pertaining to activities going on at the school.

IC Mobile App IC also has apps for iPhone and Android which is another really easy way to keep up on your student’s school performance. Search "Infinite Campus Mobile Portal" in the App Store. Download the app. The Mobile App is available for parents and students. Enter the name of the district "Boulder Valley" and select "Colorado" when ready to use the app for the first time.

Absences If your student will be absent please contact the school and let them know. You can fill out an absence form online at www.fairviewhs.org/absence-report OR call your student's absence in to FHS at 720.561.5352. If you know your student will be absent you can have them complete a Prearranged Absence Form and have teachers sign off on the form prior to the absence.

If your student is absent due to a doctor's visit or other medical reason, don't forget to bring in a doctor's note excusing your student's absence. The student can drop this off at the front office.

Student Forgot Something? Don't worry! You can drop off something to your student. Just go into the front office, drop off the item on the table just to the left of the front door, and ask the front desk to sign in your item. Don't leave anything at school without signing it in at the front desk.

School Dances There are two main school dances: Homecoming and Prom. Many freshman go to homecoming. Most go in groups of friends, but some may have a date. There is no need to get really dressed up for homecoming, though students usually wear something special. The dance is a fun and safe environment with different themes each year.


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