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Student-Athlete Expectations for 2020:

  • Be engaged in the lacrosse community. Get to know everyone in the program regardless of what team you are on.
  • Read and adhere to the CHSAA Bylaws
  • Review BVSD Athletic Code of Conduct
  • Encourage your teammates. There are many skills in the game of lacrosse; sometimes you will excel and sometimes you will struggle. Encourage each other through it all and embrace the process.
  • All athletes are expected to be at practice on time and fully engaged. If you have to miss, let your coach know BEFORE practice. All our contact information is on this sheet.
  • JV is equal playing time, but absences will negatively affect playing time.
  • Varsity: If you miss a practice for any reason, you make up for that practice with 5x100’s at your next practice (down in 20 seconds, rest 40 seconds). It is your job to set that up, not your coaches! This should be done before or after practice. If you miss multiple days due to illness or injury, this will be addressed on a case by case basis. We understand these things happen, please do not stress about making up the running!
  • If you are wanting feedback on playing time, make sure to approach your coach in-person before or after practice.
  • The youth players come on the turf after you. Be a positive role model for the younger girls. Be aware of what you say and how you act because they are watching you!
  • Be respectful during film sessions.
  • Bring your practice jersey to all practices and games!
  • Uniforms, backpacks, and practice jerseys are all returned at the end of the year. Please let your coach know if you lose anything.


  • Please be aware of all the expectations for your daughter.
  • Coaches will not talk to parents about playing time. Always encourage your daughter to reach out to us.
  • We encourage players to take the bus home with their teammates but if something comes up and they want to ride home with their parents then they can. Players MUST sign out with their coach before leaving and they are only allowed to leave with their parents/guardians.
  • All players MUST take the bus to away games. The bus leaves from Fairview.
  • We need parent volunteers for the season! Please check out our website for opportunities to help out this spring!
  • If anyone has ideas for fundraising, let me know! This past year we held a summer clinic, chipotle fundraiser, kilt game, and online fundraiser.

Program Contact Information


Head Coach: Kelsey Sheridan Email: [email protected]

Assistant Coach: Mills Dancy Email: [email protected]


Coach: Deb Kuzemchak Email: [email protected] Coach: Bt Franzen Email: [email protected] Volunteer Coach: Kristen Boege

Captains - Isabela Bloomquist, Brooke Dietmeier, Sydney Strejc

Follow us on social media: @Knightsglax


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