Fairview High School

Girls' Tennis

Practice – Week of February 24, 2014 First Week – Welcome and/or Welcome back ladies! Announcements  Looks like the weather may cooperate this week – Yeah!!!  Please email me on the Fairviewtennis@hotmail.com account only; it helps if I keep my classes and tennis separate. I don’t have access to the work account on my phone, so I won’t receive the email in a timely manner.  The purpose of the first week will be to place players in a practice group/team. Players will move throughout the team as the season progresses. Even if you only have one or two practice days this week, it will change.  Players are responsible for knowing when they play, which group and which days.
Practice A = 3:35 – 4:40 Players will play and then run Practice B = 4:10 – 5:30 Players will run and then play Monday Groups A and B – Both Practice Times Tuesday Groups A and B – Both Practice Times. Members of Group B will have a new group by the end of the practice. Wednesday Varsity Singles Challenges will begin. Group A, Group C. Both Practices Thursday Varsity Singles Challenges will continue Practice A – Groups A and D Practice B – Groups A and C Friday Practice A – Groups A and E Practice B – A, C and D – Game day drills


  • March 07, 2014 Practice Cancelled for Today 3/7

    Hi Everyone - due to weather, TCAPs, injuries, and general malaise. I am cancelling practice today. Let's get excited about Monday!

  • February 23, 2014 Updated Groups

    These can be found in the Files Section of the Website