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Teacher Responsibilities

We have been chosen as a special task force to revive the academic honesty code here at Fairview, our mission being to create an environment of awareness among the students, teachers, and parents. We hope, as teachers, that you stay informed, vigilant, and consistent when it comes to cheating. We realize that each department has its own rules and regulations regarding academic honesty, but it is crucial that we all maintain the standards of the school-wide policy. In witnessing an event of cheating, all teachers are requested to adhere to this short process so that Fairview’s academic integrity policy is upheld: Report any incident, no matter the gravity, to the dean of students who will follow Fairview’s academic integrity policy and bring the infraction to the student’s counselor. From there, teachers are only responsible for consequences pertaining to that assignment within the class (i.e. either makeup work, half credit, zero credit, etc.) At the department chair meeting on January 19th, Honor Council collaborated with department heads on possible initiatives to more effectively attack academic dishonesty. We have already rolled out an academic integrity campaign within the school, creating awareness through posters. In addition, the possibility for student liaisons reporting to individual departments was discussed. We are exploring this idea as well as establishing an anonymous reporting system for various academic integrity infractions. We hope that you look forward to reviewing the revised academic honesty policy that we, in conjunction with Darren Bessett, have written. This policy can be accessed on the Fairview website home page. Awareness is the first step in order for us to change the cheating culture at Fairview, so we thank you for your time and dedication to these efforts.


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