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Knight Crew is a Fairview organization that aims to create a welcoming experience for incoming freshmen. Knight crew members are leaders in the school who act as mentors to the incoming freshmen, helping them transition smoothly into high school and find success while at FHS. They also exhibit an attitude of fun, kindness and inclusivity. The promote positive choices that will lead to graduation and promote wellness and a balanced lifestyle.

The leaders teach a seminar along with teacher mentors once a week to provide the freshman with valuable lessons and insights into how to find success at FHS. They introduce the freshmen to the different clubs and activities offered here.


Knight Crew Contracts

Posted on March 13, 2017

Please get your contracts and checks turned in by the end of this week, Friday March 17.

Knight Crew Retreat 2017!

Posted on March 03, 2017

We will be heading up to Cal-Wood Education Center for the second year in a row for our annual Knight Crew Retreat. It's going to...ROCK!

We need every Knight Crew member to fill out both the Medical Emergency Form and the Consent for Excursion Form. You can click the links and print them here, or you can get them outside of Mr. Flood's office 224.

Turn these in... (continued)

Freshmen Recommendation Form

Posted on January 18, 2017

Freshmen please fill out the following form to recommend your leaders.

Freshmen Recommendation Form

Knight Crew Informational Slide Show

Posted on January 18, 2017

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