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Knight Crew is a Fairview organization that aims to create a welcoming experience for incoming freshmen. Knight crew members are leaders in the school who act as mentors to the incoming freshmen, helping them transition smoothly into high school and find success while at FHS. They also exhibit an attitude of fun, kindness, and inclusivity. They promote positive choices that will lead to graduation and promote wellness and a balanced lifestyle.

The leaders teach a seminar along with teacher mentors once a week to provide the freshman with valuable lessons and insights into how to find success at FHS. They introduce the freshmen to the different clubs and activities offered here.


Congratulation 2021-22 Knight Crew Leaders

Posted on April 23, 2021

Abboud, Julia Aber, Patrick Acharya, Prabina Anderson, Mia Arvesen, Sofi Atkins, Liam Baek, Sora Batan, Begum Beaupre, Rhianna Blair, Nora Boyd, Ava Brennan, Michael Brennan, Rachel Brown, Campbell Bulk, Sierra Burkhard, Carly Campbell, Alyson Castro, Meghan Chally, Meghan Chen, Wanda Chitwood, John Cohen, Mollie Contreras Robles, Jennifer Cote, Marcus Dalwadi, Arjun DeMeyer, Ivy Dienstfrey, Benjamin Dodge, Tatum Donaldson, Lilia Eisman, Marley Farrar, Maxwell Feiger... (continued)

Knight Crew Posting for 2021-22

Posted on April 19, 2021

Hello All,

Due to pushing back the application process, we have pushed the posting date to Friday April 23rd. Mrs. Lealman

2021-2022 Knight Crew Application

Posted on March 16, 2021

Here is it! Apply to be a Knight Crew Leader for the 2021-22 school. Applications are due April 14, 2021


2021-2022 Knight Crew

Posted on January 30, 2021

Information about applying for Knight Crew will be posted here in the next few weeks. With COVID-19 and the ever-changing schedules, we are waiting to start the process.

Mrs. Lealman

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