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Equestrian Club (Knight Riders)

This club is for any FHS/BVSD student who likes horses and wants to find opportunities within the equestrian community. No horse is necessary and riding is not required... just a love of horses!

We provide volunteer resource opportunities with non-profit equine organizations so you can fulfill your volunteer requirements and connect with the local equestrian community.

Join us and find out how you can make equestrian endeavors a part of your high school experience, college years and beyond!

We have the information to help you:

1) Locate a riding instructor in the local community

2) Earn recognition for your riding while in high school by participating in the USEF High School Letter Program

3) Find out about riding opportunities with clubs and teams at colleges and universities nationwide

and much more! Just ask!

Check our resources and info under the "FIles" tab of this site to learn more!


  • January 24, 2012 January 24, 2012 Find Fellow Riders on FaceBook!

    Our club has gone virtual to better fit into your busy lives! Simply send a request to join our FHS Knight Riders Equestrian Club GROUP page at http://www.facebook.com/groups/150626845044007/ and students will be able to connect with equine enthusiasts, share information and stay "in the know" of what's new in equestrian pursuits.