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The Fairview High School Library plays a unique and important role in the education of students. The Fairview Library is a dynamic center for teaching and learning and provides an environment to stimulate intellectual growth through:

• Developing consistent and purposeful research methods • Providing up-to-date technology for efficient research • Arranging for a wide variety of culturally and intellectually diverse materials and activities
• Encouraging life-long learning and pleasurable reading

Library's Mission: FHS Library strives to be a welcoming, friendly and joyful space where individuals can create, share and connect.

  1. We believe all individuals should feel welcomed.
  2. We believe learning is social.
  3. We believe in everyone’s potential to learn.

Library Policies Books are checked out for 6 weeks, with an option for another 6 week renewal. Overdue fines $0.20 per school day up to $5.00. Lost books will be charged replacement costs.


To re-set: https://pm.bvsd.org/pm/ IT Help Desk #720-561-4357