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Podcast/Video Support

The Fairview Library offers a variety of audiovisual media for checkout by students and staff. Here is list of the equipment available:

Visual Classroom Support:

Flip Camera

LCD Projector

Studio (with lighting and green screen)

Tripods (with smartphone adapter available)

Portable Green Screens

Video Editing:

WeVideo is a cloud-based easy-to-use collaborative video editor. Step-by-step instructions

Audio Support:

Podcasting Resources (https://docs.google.com/document/d/1HyufLfhPSTcjxRgWxNxzTyT-MNIiTOaw9vSIsazCycE/edit?ts=5c50c92a)

Snowball microphones

Also available a small studio with professional lighting and "green screen", which students can use to incorporate still and moving images as backgrounds in video projects.


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