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Mindfulness is a way of compassionately being aware of your experience in the present moment. Mindfulness gives us the ability to pause and respond to stimuli rather than react. Fairview is a culture of high achieving and successful students, staff and parents. With this pressures comes stress and fatigue. The practice of mindfulness, even in small doses, has shown to lower the stress response in the body and decrease the anxiety often associate with stress.

We are hoping to participate in the Mindful Teacher Program through Passage Works Institute. This program would bring together teachers interested in using mindfulness with students. We would work together with the Passage Works curriculum to ensure best practices are being used with our student body. We are still looking for funds so if you are interested in helping support this effort please follow the link below.


We meet together weekly on Thursdays during block lunch in the SAC at 11:50. We start our mindfulness practice right at noon. Everyone is welcome - students and staff!