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Mock Trial

Welcome back to the 2019-2020 school year!

The Basics
The Fairview High School Mock Trial Team consists of twelve members. Six members will play lawyers, and six will play witnesses. The team is also divided into prosecution and defense- three lawyers and three witnesses for the prosecution and three lawyers and three witnesses for the defense. The team is given a large case book with an overview of the crime committed, relevant laws, exhibits, and affidavits. It is our job as a Mock Trial Team to create a case out of all of these puzzle pieces. We work the case from both sides. In other words, half of the team works to prove the defendant guilty, the other works to prove him innocent.

The process of creating a case takes months. You will learn the types of questions lawyers can and cannot ask, as well as the types of answers that witnesses can and cannot give. You will also learn about the basics of criminal law, the rules surrounding evidence, as well as how to be a more confident and convincing public speaker.
When we compete against other local teams in February 2020, competition officials will pair up teams. The first round is done randomly. Later rounds are done using what is known as Swiss Power Matching. Should we do well, we will advance to the State Competition in March 2020.

Things to Keep in Mind

1) Mock Trial is a large time commitment. Mock Trial practice is held up to three days a week after school (1-2 per week in 2018). In 2019, practices will be held for three hours each Sunday afternoon. Your attendance at these Sunday rehearsals is mandatory.

2) Each Mock Trial team member plays a vital role. Once you make the commitment to join the Mock Trial team, the other eleven members will be counting on your hard work and dedication. There is no room for anyone to slack off. In order to win, everyone must be doing their best.

3) You will be required to do some work on your own. Much of Mock Trial work consists in memorizing and perfecting your role as either a witness or lawyer. As we will spend much of practice time going over the writing and the revision of these roles, you are going to need to spend at least an hour or two a week perfecting your role on your own.

*Info sessions and auditions for the 19/20 season will take place in late October. Contact Mr. Lewis for more information. *


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