Fairview High School

Model United Nations

Model UN, 2014-2015, will be meeting in room 812 on Thursday Block Lunch. Feel free to join the email list here ,and the Facebook group here


  • January 10, 2015 CU Conference Details and Position Papers

    Hey everybody,

    Position Papers must be completed and emailed to me (jimmyd726@gmail.com) by Friday night (the 16th of January). POSITION PAPERS ARE NOT DUE AT THE CONFERENCE. Background guides can be found here at coloradomun.org.

    Also, regarding logistics for the actual conference, here's the plan:

    Meet in room 812 (the usual meeting room) at 3:40 after school on Friday, the 23rd. Make sure you are wearing your western business attire (for guys, a suit, for girls, a dress). It'd probably... (continued)

  • October 29, 2014 DCIS Conference and Georgetown

    We will begin collecting money and forms for the DCIS Conference at the Thursday Meeting. If you are signed up and are stilling wishing to attend, you will need to pay the $20 fee and bring in the attached form below. There is no longer a "field trip form"; the only form needed to participate in conferences from now on is the "Club Letter Form" which many of you brought in for the Kent Denver Conference. If you already brought the club form, just turn in your $20 fee.

    If anybody is interested... (continued)

  • September 29, 2014 Kent Denver Conference Info

    Hello Everyone!

    Great work at the BHS conference! I'm hoping that you guys have a handle on what happens in Model UN, and are looking forward to the Kent Denver Conference. If, as a beginner, you don't quite understand how Model UN works, don't worry, nobody really understands it until they do their first real conference. In case you now want to sign up for the Kent Denver Conference, sign up here. Just... (continued)

  • September 26, 2014 BHS MUN and Kent Denver

    BHS MUN won't conflict with the Fairview-MoHi game. The BHS conference starts at 2, and the Monarch game starts at 10AM and ends around 12:30 PM. If you still want to attend to Intro to MUN Conference at Boulder High on Saturday the 27th (from 2-4PM), you can sign up here

    Also, if you want to attend the Kent Denver conference on the 11th, fill out this form, [here] (https://docs.google.com/forms... (continued)