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Net Zero Environmental Club

The Net Zero Environmental Club at Fairview High School aims to create a greener school for the students and faculty, as well as set an example for other schools that are striving to make their schools more environmentally friendly.

We have planted 59 trees on campus, earned EPA awards, improved recycling and composting at Fairview, drastically reduced junk mail, put a fee on single use shopping bags, and led the installation of 5 water bottle refilling stations at Fairview.

As a club we incorporate public speaking, volunteering, and project based learning to accomplish our goals. There is a place for everyone on the team!

Fairview Net Zero Facebook Group Our Facebook page has current information on our meetings and plans, if you want to join, please join the group to get updates

Fairview Net Zero Website

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NetZero Leadership Team

[email protected]

Wednesdays during Block Lunch

Room 661

Paa-Rogers, Amy

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