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National Honor Society (NHS)

NHS Contract 19/20 — 4.68 MB
Project Proposal Form Icon description

Fill this out if you want to bring a new project to the FHS community. Feel free to email NHS for help with the form or if you have any questions!

Prospective Member Additional Student Information Packet 2020 Icon description

We have made this form a Google Doc. Please make a copy of it and fill out the form digitally. The new due date is Friday, April 17th. Please submit your form to us at [email protected]. For teacher signatures, please just add the names of the teachers you would like to sign-off, and we will contact them for you. Best of Luck!

Spring 2020 Service Log — 118 KB Icon description

These are due on March 20th, 2020 for seniors, and May 8th, 2020 for everyone else. Happy Volunteering!


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