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Youths for Nurturing Minds

Youths for Nurturing Minds is a FHS club dedicated to supporting girls who are poor, orphaned, disabled, affected by HIV/AIDS, or at-risk of falling into exploitative labor conditions so that they are able to receive a secondary education in Tanzania (equivalent to a high school diploma in the US). Specifically, the club raises money to sponsor 2-3 students at The Sega Girls School every year. Our main fundraisers include: Selling Fairview Knights logo wear (fall) Homemade dog biscuits (winter) Special yoga events for Fairview students and their families (spring)

For more information on who we support and why this club is so important, visit www.nurturingmindsinafrica.org. You can also visit our Facebook page: Youths for Nurturing Minds.

All Fairview students are welcome! Please reach out to one of the members of the Executive Team, or come to our first meeting Wednesday, September 6 block lunch to learn more!

Braden Bolles

[email protected]

First Thursday of every month during Block Lunch

Room 205

Pfenning, Rosie

Upcoming Events


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