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Fairview Robotics: The Black Knights

We are Fairview Robotics, a high school robotics team from Fairview High School in Boulder, Colorado. Our robotics team consists of a group of motivated students that have a passion for robotics and STEM. Our team participates in the FIRST Robotics Competition (FRC), which gives us the opportunity to express ourselves through STEM and robotics, something that we don’t typically get the opportunity to do. By participating in this competition, we provide an outlet to motivated students to pursue their interests in math, science, technology, and engineering.

What do we actually do? We design, create, test, and drive a robot to compete in the FIRST Robotics Competition. In addition to FRC, we do many other robotics activities, including building and fighting battle-bots, designing and launching rockets, and running programming competition. Our past robots have been able to shoot frisbees, climb pyramids, toss basketballs, and balance on bridges!

All of this takes a lot of work: our team members focus on aspects of electric engineering, programming, mechanical, testing, fundraising and web design. It is not necessary to have previous technical knowledge. We guarantee you'll learn something and contribute to the team!

If you are interested in joining robotics, fill out the form below. We'll let you know when our first meeting is and how to join it. If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to us at [email protected].


  • Rawley Harrison - Team Captain
  • Graham Dobbie - Mechanical Captain
  • Edward Wawrzynek - Programming Captain

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Prepare the Shop Meeting 12/11/19 & Strategy Meeting 12/12/19

Posted on December 09, 2019

Hi All!

In preparation of Build Season, we are going to finish getting our shop in a good state this Wednesday at Fairview.

Additionally, our mentor Riley will be teaching us FRC strategy at the Solid State Depot Thursday

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Roland Harrison

[email protected], [email protected]

Tuesday 3:50 - 5:15

Room 225 (Computer Science Room)

Gesell, Tim

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