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SAT & ACT Preparation

  • Khan Academy SAT Prep

    Khan Academy SAT Prep

    https://www.khanacademy.org/ You can get 8 full-length practice tests here.

    BUT, I highly recommend that you open a free account with Khan Academy (KA) and take advantage of their incredible SAT test prep tools. If you have an account, KA will identify exactly what you need to work on and give you targeted practice!! You can do full practice tests that KA will instantly score and adjust the practice problems they feed you. PRETTY DARN USEFUL!!!

    Here’s how:
    • Go to Khan Academy and choose “Learners Start Here”.
    • Click Sign In/Sign Up in upper right corner.
    • Make account.
    • If you have and know your College Board account login, input it when asked. This allows you to skip directly to targeted, personalized practice! If you don’t have a College Board account (because you have not yet taken the PSAT or SAT, then skip this for now.)
    • You can “Set Test Date” if you know the date you’re taking the actual SAT (but this is optional.)
    • You can “Set Practice Schedule” if you want email reminders on when to take the 4 full-length practice tests (but setting the schedule is optional.)
    • Start!!!! Take the diagnostic Quizzes for Math and/or Verbal to get started ---unless you were able to give KA your College Board password in which case you can look at your Dashboard for Math or Verbal and see what you should practice!
    • The Dashboard shows you your current Levels with those little speedometer-looking gauges. Every time you do 5 problems, you level up or down. Your Levels will adjust after you do a full test with KA, also.
  • AP Tests, SAT Subject Tests, ACT, SAT Prep through Albert.io

    Test Prep through Albert.io

    Woohoooo!! Fairview High has a school license to Albert.io which is an online organization which offers awesome test prep tools for SAT, ACT, AP Tests and SAT Subject Tests!! As a Knight, you can access any/all of these materials. After you click the following link, log in to the Fairview website for access.
    Click here for Instructions and Codes
  • BVSD ACT and SAT Prep through Life Long Learning

    Test Prep Offered by BVSD

    The prep classes through BVSD are effective and reasonably priced.


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