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Spring Play

The Third Wave

The 13/14 Spring Play was The Third Wave.

The program for The Third Wave is online! Online Program

The Third Wave is based on a true story about a high-school experiment in fascism that had much stronger effects than anyone anticipated. In 1967 in Palo Alto, California; the original events center around a young teacher, Ron Jones, and his world history class. When a student asks how so many people could be led to follow Nazism and claim ignorance of the horrors perpetrated during World War II, Mr. Jones decides to demonstrate by giving his students an exercise in discipline not unlike that of a totalitarian society. To his surprise, the students enjoy the order and power of that discipline and relinquish their freedom in favor of the prospect of supposed superiority over other students in the school. The class adopts the name "The Third Wave," and soon many others clamor to be part of the "elite" group.

The play will be set in present day Boulder, Colorado at Fairview High School.

Wikipedia Article on The Third Wave

Account by Ron Jones


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