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Senior Women's Club is a longstanding tradition at Fairview. The club welcomes every senior girl at Fairview to participate. SWC celebrates the position of senior women, and aims to make a difference within the school and community, encouraging connection with peers.


  • November 28, 2016 November 28, 2016 Winter Ball Themes

    The themes for Winter Ball have been narrowed down to several finalists! There is a poll to vote for your preferred theme on the Senior Women's Club Facebook page. If you don't have a Facebook you are welcome to share your vote/opinion during our meeting on Wednesday.

  • November 10, 2016 November 10, 2016 T-shirt Order Form

    T-shirts have been designed and the order form is here! If you would like to order a t-shirt they are $20. The t-shirt chosen is a white long sleeve with 2017 on the front and the Patagonia logo with "SWC" on the back, there is a photo under files.We are placing a preliminary order that will arrive after Thanksgiving Break, these will be distributed on a first-come-first-serve basis. A second order will arrive after Winter Break for the remaining t-shirts. See below for payment options and let us... (continued)

  • November 23, 2016 November 23, 2016 New T-shirt Design

    For everyone interested in purchasing the Senior Women's Club t-shirt, there has been a design change; the original design used the Patagonia logo, for which we don't have legal permission to use. Custom Ink has designed a new shirt for us, it incorporates many of the elements from the original design. There is an updated link under files with a picture of the new design.

    For those of you that purchased a shirt before and now do not want one because of the design change, if you email our co-President... (continued)

  • November 10, 2016 November 10, 2016 Diversity Day Leaders

    Diversity Day is taking off and in order to make this day a success we are looking for about 100 volunteer leaders. The leaders will be expected attend a training day - December 3rd or December 16th, and to lead a small group of peers on Diversity Day itself, December 6th. We are looking for individuals who are comfortable leading a small group and potentially sharing a story of their own struggles and experiences with diversity. The sign up page is attached below and we would love your participation... (continued)