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The track and field season is 12 short weeks from start to finish. There are a lot of logistics involved in making sure that all 200+ kids have a fun and successful experience in such a short period of time. If you would like to volunteer as a parent throughout the season, the coaches would welcome your enthusiasm. The practices are a time for the athlete and coaches to train and fine-tune skills, but there are plenty of opportunities outside of the practices for adults to take part.

If you are interested in volunteering, email Coach Tricia at [email protected].

Position Responsibilities Volunteers
End of Season Banquet Coordinators Recruits helpers to organize entire banquet from start to finish. Includes picking a location, date and time. Organizing food, taking in RSVP’s and any funds required for the event to take place. Set-up and clean-up on day of. At least 6 additional helpers beyond the coordinator OPEN
Fundraising Coordinator Anyone that would like to sell stadium chairs at track meets or other Fairview sporting events is more than welcome to do so. This can be multiple people! OPEN
Photographers All parents and students are encouraged to take pictures of athletes at the meets. We have a Google Drive folder for the team where everyone can choose your favorites to submit to the collection for the end of season slide show. Everyone
Banquet Slideshow Organizes the slide show for the end of season banquet to include all members of the team, JV and Varsity, girls and boys, practices and competitions. OPEN
Home Meet Volunteers This year we will be hosting our State Qualifying Varsity meet on Friday, April 12th. Any parents that are available to help run events and concessions are greatly appreciated. OPEN
Competition/Meet Volunteers Certain meets require Fairview to run one of the field events. In order for our coaches to coach your children, we will ask parents to get involved and help run events. No prior experience is necessary. Any home meets at Fairview (Varsity and JV levels), the Snow Invite on 3/9 and the League Meet on 5/1 & 5/3 are volunteer opportunity meets to get involved. I will send out emails before these events to recruit volunteers, but I would appreciate one parent to take charge and make sure that all slots are full prior to the competition. OPEN
Meet Nutrition At each meet, it would surprise you (or maybe not) how many kids forget to bring food and water. Please feel free to bring basic snacks for the kids that will keep them healthy and ready for competition. Most JV meets are on either Wednesday’s or Thursday’s and last 3-4 hours and most Varsity meets are on Saturday’s lasting up to 8-10 hours. OPEN

Student-Athletes are also encouraged to take on leadership roles throughout the season. The most important one in my eyes is mentoring. There are always new athletes to the team and with such a large team; the track experience can become intimidating really quickly. Leading by example, introductions to other athletes and helping those newer to track with their competition prep is priceless. Other opportunities include:

  • Taking a lead role in fundraising efforts
  • Help set up camps at competition venues
  • Assist in running events or specific organizational areas at JV meets
  • Anything else you would like to bring to the table, I’d love to hear about it!


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