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The Fairview Track and Field program is comprised of a strong coaching staff that is committed to encouraging and providing positive experiences for athletic, academic and personal growth. The coaches will provide excellent guidance in terms of training theory and technique, motivation generated by creating a vision of each athlete’s potential and positively reinforcing that vision, and nurturing the enjoyment and love of the event(s) in which the athlete is involved. It is our goal to help develop the love of running/wellness and of healthy competition in our athletes by emphasizing the importance of personal growth and improvement; commitment to one’s self, to one’s team and to one’s society, and always striving for excellence by setting goals and developing a strong work ethic.

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  • Athlete Expectations

    • All athletes are expected to attend practices. Attendance will be taken on a daily basis via a web based site with your captains, senior leadership and coaches.
    • Each athlete will be expected to support every other teammate in a positive fashion. No bullying of any kind will be tolerated. Let’s fill each others’ cups all season long!
    • Substance Abuse: Fairview High School and CHSAA policies will be enforced for use of alcohol, tobacco and all other illegal or other drugs. If any action is being performed by an athlete that is deemed harmful towards themselves or anyone around them, they will be removed from competition and have to meet with the athletic director and/or principal to determine support and future participation.
    • Practice
      • You will be unable to practice until you have submitted your emergency form and all contracts. Your sport fee of $185 can be paid online. Take your receipt from registration as well as an updated physical form from your doctor's office to Cathy in the athletic office. She will then give you a ‘green slip’ that needs to be turned into Coach Tricia BEFORE you are allowed to practice. You are also required to fill out the Emergency Contact form which can be found on the team webpage or any team email sent out in the past month
      • There will be a coach/athlete meeting after most practices that will take place with team stretches and core. Attendance will be taken during this time.
      • On most days, team members will warm-up, stretch, perform hip exercises and do drills together on the infield. Team captains and senior leadership will lead this routine.
      • Everyday must be a good practice! If you can make yourself work hard when you do not want to, you can make yourself a better athlete.
      • Complaints are contagious. If you have a problem, discuss it personally with a team captain or coach. We are here to help and make the track season fun for everyone!

    • Meets

      • If you are signed up for an event in a competition meet, you are expected to show up – mentally and physically!

        Failure to show up for a meet that you are entered to participate in may result in no competition for the following week.

      • If you cannot practice consistently, you may not participate in meets. Your safety and prevention of injuries will be considered and evaluated before making this final decision.
      • Be prepared! Meets run all day, so you must be prepared with enough food/water to sustain yourself, as well as warm and weather protecting clothing.
      • When we are competing you represent Fairview High School. You will be respectful to all officials, parents, opponents and all surrounding property. We will NOT accept anything less.
      • Uniforms must be worn as intended. You are responsible for getting to the meet with your uniform and getting it home and laundered.
      • No electronic devices are allowed in competitive areas. Disqualification will result. The jewelry rule has been lifted this year; however I ask that you be respectful with your choices. No loops or overly shiny objects that could disrupt someone else’s ability to compete effectively.

    • Academics

      You will be ineligible if you are failing two or more classes. If this occurs, you will be expected to bring your grades up to an eligible status before returning to practices. Academics come first!

  • Parent/Guardian Expectations

    • Please read and understand the information and guidelines we are expecting of your student-athlete. If you have questions or concerns about any of the information, please either call or email Head Coach Tricia Vieth personally. She wants the celebration of successes, sense of responsibility and growth opportunities to be a joint effort and partnership between the coaching staff, the athletes and you as parents/guardians.
    • Support your student-athlete’s efforts to success. Please assist your children in preparing for practices and competition by encouraging a good night's rest, hydrating with plenty of WATER and healthy intake of food so their bodies can perform at high levels.
    • Be your child’s best fan! Work to promote a positive environment that is conducive to the development of your student-athlete. Get in a habit of rewarding the process, not the outcome!
    • Encourage direct communication. If your child is having difficulties in practice or at a meet or can’t make a practice, encourage them to speak directly to the coaches.
    • Understand and display appropriate positive behaviors. (i.e.: watch, make positive remarks, and don’t berate other athletes, officials or coaches). Remember, your child’s self esteem and performance are at stake. Be supportive!
    • Help your child keep his/her priorities straight, maintaining a balance among academics, family responsibilities, chores, free time and organized-sport participation.
    • Finally, have fun! Sports should be fun for you and your child.


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