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RUNNERS KIT (‘kit’ = Brit runner term for duffel bag with your running stuff, cyclists use the term for the complete uniform they wear for their team typically)

    A. Items to always have available in your kit
  • full water bottle (preferably two!)
  • a copy of your daily workout or the meet schedule of events
  • racing flats and/or light weight trainers (only if you already have them)
  • racing spikes w enough ¼” spikes for a pair of racing spikes and spike wrench (only if you already have spikes)
  • wear your chronograph/split watch (30 laps at least)
  • your racing singlet and bottoms/shorts (make sure it matches those of your relay team!)
  • your meds, epi pen, and/or inhaler if you need these light nutritious snacks, especially apples or oranges (love bananas, but they bruise)
  • $10 cash (including 4 quarters or dollar bills for vending machines)
  • small towel
  • 4 safety pins (for bib numbers or emergencies)
  • extra racing or competitive socks
  • extra running shorts
  • gloves or mittens
  • windbreaker/rain gear for the spring, snow jacket or good fleece for winter
  • warm-up pants that come off easily at the start line!!!
  • extra comfy or cotton t-shirt
  • long sleeve microfiber/tek shirt
  • stocking cap or ear warmers
  • sun block and lip balm
  • headlamp and/or flashlight
  • extra tissues in a zip lock baggie
  • B. Optional Items (Especially if you are a real Girl Scout!!!)
  • extra socks
  • sports gels or bars
  • blinking light to clip to jacket (e.g. rear bike lamps)
  • running cap
  • cell phone – DO NOT bring these to the infield during meets!!!!!
  • sun glasses
  • petroleum jelly (in a plastic bag) or roll-on running lubrication (can buy at running stores)
  • umbrella
  • tape measure (for relays and jumps)
  • white athletic tape (for first aid, relays and jumps)
  • vice grips (when those spikes inevitably break)
  • small square-edged metal file for filing spikes flat for removal purposes
  • extra tights and arm warmers or sleeves
  • lotion
  • ibuprofen or aspirin or some NSAID for pain relief and headaches


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