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Welcome to FHS Visual Art!

Fairview High School's visual art department promotes art education as a form of visual communication. Our program is designed to explore and enhance problem solving and critical thinking skills. Fairview's art department challenges students to develop their understanding of the contemporary art language through critiques, writing, and practical application.

Our students will be exposed to a wide variety of cultures and communities along with a variety of artists and artistic techniques.

As artists and educators we will address different styles and skill levels of individual students. Every student is respected and evaluated as an individual. Our approach to art education is consistent with state and district standards which highlight the significance of a comprehensive art education.

Listed below are the actual state standards for the visual arts:

Standard 1: Observe and Learn to Comprehend The student uses the visual arts to express, communicate, and make meaning. The artwork and design have purpose and function.

Standard 2: Envision and Critique to Reflect The student articulates and implements critical thinking in the visual arts by synthesizing, evaluating, and analyzing visual information. Reflective strategies are used to understand the creative process.

Standard 3: Invent and Discover to Create Student is able to generate a work of art that employs unique ideas, feelings, and values using different media, technologies, styles, and forms of expression.

Standard 4: Relate and Connect to Transfer Student is able to recognize, articulate, and validate the value of the visual arts to lifelong learning and the human experience. Student demonstrates a competency in traditional and new art media, and applies appropriate and available technology for the expression of ideas. Student can assess and produce art with various materials and methods.


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    Newly uploaded photos from the BVSD High School art show, check out the amazing work students have created this year!