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  • Code School - This belongs under all the categories because it has classes in HTML, CSS, jQuery, Ruby on Rails, Ruby, and even Git. It also has courses in R, Sass, Node.js, Backbone.js, and iOS development.
  • Learn X in Y Minutes - Introduces every language you need to know for web team + more by exemplifying simple code with explanations and comments.
  • Web Host Review - This is a good article on domain names and web hosting.

HTML, CSS, and Javascript

  • Codecademy Web Track - Includes HTML, CSS, and jQuery. The non-web courses include PHP, Ruby, and Python.

Ruby on Rails

  • Ruby on Rails Tutorial Book by Michael Hartl - A great starter resource for rails that includes test-driven design, which is a very good design principle to follow when designing any web application.
  • Railscasts - 400+ 5-20 minute videos about different Ruby on Rails topics. Some of the videos require a subscription (like the revised episodes or the ones marked "pro"), but most of them are free to view.
  • The official guides from rubyonrails.org - These guides are a very good resource and are also are the official guides for rails.
  • WhoIsHostingThis?, a website with many additional resources to learn Ruby on Rails.
  • Codecademy Ruby on RailsThis is a tutorial on Ruby on Rails on Codecademy, a good source for introductory tutorials


  • Ruby Docs - A great way to view the documentation for the ruby language, because to work with Ruby on Rails, it's important to know Ruby too!


  • Pro Git Book - A long book, but it explains a lot about git, and gets quite complicated by the end. It also goes into the internals of git, unlike many other guides.
  • Git Ready - Includes a lot of neat tips for how to do certain things with git, and has beginner, intermediate, and advanced sections. It also links to a lot of other nice resources to learn about Git.


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