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Brad White

[email protected]

(720) 561-3245

Room 204

  • 01Planning period
  • 02Planning period (drop-in help)
  • 03Advanced Precalculus (room 214)
  • 04Algebra 2 (room 214)
  • 05Planning period (drop-in help)
  • 06Algebra 2 (room 214)
  • 07AP Calculus AB (room 214)
  • 08Advanced Precalculus (room 214)

This is my 24th year of teaching math in Boulder. I've been at Fairview for 17 years, and have taught everything from 6th grade math to calculus.

In addition to being blessed with a great teaching gig, I have a wonderful family. My kids are ages 12 and 8, and my wife is a Montessori Spanish teacher.

I enjoy family time, traveling, reading, playing my '78 Gibson ES-175, running trails and working math problems. I've been a dedicated climber for more than 30 years.

I never cease to be amazed by the numbers 0, 1, the right triangle and the way the typical FHS student thinks.

Here are my core beliefs re: teaching math.