Fairview High School

Brad White Mathematics Department

Brad White


(720) 561-3245

Room 204

  • 01Adv. Precalc. (room 214)
  • 02Algebra 2 Adv. (room 214)
  • 03Adv. Precalc. (room 214)
  • 04Plan (drop-in math help)
  • 05Plan (drop-in math help)
  • 06Adv. Precalc. (room 220)
  • 07Plan (by-appt. math help)
  • 08Algebra 2 Adv. (room 214)

Of my 26 years living in Boulder, I have been a mathematics teacher for 22. I've taught everything from 6th grade math to Advanced Precalculus. This is my 15th year teaching at Fairview.

When not teaching, I find inspiration from my family. My wife teaches Spanish at Jarrow Montessori. We have a 5th grade daughter Chiara, and a 1st grade son Paolo.

I enjoy reading, playing my '78 Gibson ES-175 and running trails. For nearly 30 years I've been a dedicated climber. I enjoy all forms of climbing. The above picture was taken on the summit of a 20,000 foot peak in the Peruvian Andes.

I never cease to be amazed by the right triangle.

Here are my core beliefs re: teaching math.