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Carla Roitz Language Arts Department

[email protected]

(720) 561-3168

Room 856

  • 01Period 1: free
  • 02Period 2: free
  • 03Period 3: room 814
  • 04Period 4: free
  • 05Period 5: room 814
  • 06Period 6: free
  • 07Period 7: room 846
  • 08Period 8: room 846

Hello, students and parents!

I am using Google Classroom this year to share resources (calendars, assignments, etc.) with my students online. Students have received instructions on joining the Google Classroom page for their specific class.

If you'd like me to add you as a guardian for your child's class, please email me! Thanks!

PreIB Freshman Language Arts Syllabus and Policies

Public Speaking / Discussion and Debate Syllabus and Policies

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