Fairview High School

Carla Roitz Language Arts Department

Carla Roitz


(720) 561-3168

Room 849

  • 01Period 1: free
  • 02Period 2: free
  • 03Period 3: Fresh. L.A., 853
  • 04Period 4: Fresh. L.A., 848
  • 05Period 5: free (lunch)
  • 06Period 6: Fresh. L.A., 848
  • 07Period 7: Fresh. L.A., 848
  • 08Period 8: not available

I am a Boulder native, and I have taught Language Arts at Fairview for thirteen years. I spend my free time enjoying the outdoors, reading, and hanging out with my ten-year-old daughter, Elsa. I am teaching part-time this year (eighty percent.)

NOTE: to access the online textbook, use the username "roitz" and the password "textbook".

Click here to view the presentation for incoming freshmen and their parents.