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Colleen Checho Special Education Department

[email protected]


Room 604

  • 01Planning
  • 02ASC - Room 647
  • 03ASC - Room 647
  • 04ELA (ASC) - Room 648
  • 05Freshman Seminar - Room 629
  • 06ASC - Room 648
  • 07Planning
  • 08Planning

It's great to be back at Fairview for my 4th year (my 20th overall)! So looking forward to working with my Freshman students and parents this year. This year I will be teaching academic support classes, Freshman Seminar and a reading class.

Although I grew up in the Finger Lakes area of New York, I spent many years in the Bay Area in California before moving to Colorado. It's been a great place to land, as I love any outdoor sport. I also enjoy traveling, cooking and hiking with my sweet puppies.

If you have questions please email me -- as it is the best way to get in touch with me.

Have a great year Fairview. Go Knights!!!