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Biology is a comprehensive survey of cells, biochemistry, genetics, evolution, ecology and select topics in physiology. Students will gain conceptual and practical skills as a result of involvement in scientific activities and statistical analyses. Students will develop the ability to evaluate biological knowledge with respect to problems which are facing mankind at present, and which have implication of serious consequences in the future. Laboratory experiences are a major portion of the course. Check out the syllabus! (continued)


If you didn't get done the Name Tag, here are the directions

Posted on August 16, 2018

SIDE 1 Your full name written discreetly Your preferred name for class prominently/Really BIG Picture of something you think represents you

SIDE 2: About YOU 1.Your 3 favorite Biological creatures: (animals, plants, bacteria, archaea) and WHY (Short Phrase)

2.At least 1 super cool things you loved about your summer

3.Some of your favorite Interests: hobbies / sports / art / etc.

  1. How do you think Biology might be related to one or more of your interests

  2. At least 1 curious... (continued)

Welcome To Biology Peeps!!!

Posted on August 16, 2018

I'm looking forward getting to know you guys and explore the connectedness of life all around us!!!

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