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This is my fourth year here at Fairview. I am extremely excited to continue developing my U.S. History and World History classes! In college I followed my passion for history and science by earning a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology and a minor in History at CU Boulder. After graduation, I went on to complete the Education program at CU. During my first two years of teaching at Erie, I also earned a Masters Degree in Multicultural and Bilingual Education from, you guessed it, CU Boulder. This really opened my eyes to the diverse group of students that enter our classrooms and helped me see that all students need to be given the support and opportunity to succeed.

I am extremely passionate about my content. Through history we are able to effectively deal with current issues that arise from the history before us. I believe the study of social studies helps us all better understand the world around us, understand who we are as human beings, and understand who we are as individuals. Today, I see myself as a teacher that dabbles in many things. I am endorsed in four content areas and love to expand my mind in all areas of life. My teaching style can be unpredictable and crazy at times, but I hope that the variety I use within the classroom setting keeps things interesting.