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Fun Friday Activities Sign-Up

May 14, 2019


If you want to bring snacks for our last class on Friday...sign-up here :)

Period 9 EC Reflection Prompt

May 02, 2019

Hello critters!!

In case you did not get a picture of the board/reflection prompt, here it is for you:

A (minimum) one-page write-up needs to include the following;

  • Summary of the film
  • General thoughts (like/dislike and why)
  • Historical accuracy; think of the characters, the story/plot, etc.

For this film specifically, I want a piece about the portrayal of Muslims versus Americans in the film, how women are portrayed, and the portrayal of the effectiveness of enhanced interrogation techniques.

This will be due on Monday, 5/6 let me know if you have any questions before then.

Period 9 EC Sign Up

April 22, 2019


Please sign up for our LAST extra credit movie night using this link.

Thursday, May 2 2019 @ 4 pm in room 638. You MUST be present for the entire film.

Test Make-Up Policy

January 30, 2019

At the beginning of this semester we discussed a new policy regarding test make-ups.

If you know you are going to miss an exam, please let me know ASAP and schedule a time to make it up upon your return. If you do not make an appointment to do so, you will not be allowed to make up the exam/essay.

If you are gone the day of a test (sick, injured, emergency, etc.) you have TWO DAYS after you return to school to make up the exam (as per school policy). If you fail to do so within that time period you will not be allowed to make up the test.

Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns! Thanks.

Course Outline - Periods & Chapters

October 19, 2018

Period 1: 1491 - 1607 (Chapters 1 and 2)

Period 2: 1607 - 1754 (Chapters 2-6)

Period 3: 1754 - 1800 (Chapters 6-10)

Period 4: 1800 - 1848 (Chapters 11-17)

Period 5: 1844 - 1877 (Chapters 18-22)

Period 6: 1865 - 1898 (Chapters 23-27)

Period 7: 1890 - 1945 (Chapters 28-35)

Period 8: 1945 - 1980 (Chapters 36-39)

Period 9: 1980 - Present (Chapters 40-42)

Register for the AP Exam!

October 09, 2018

Deadline is 10/31

Head to fairviewhs.org/honors and follow the link to register!

You can pay online or in person with a check in the IB office.

Tips for taking notes while reading

August 28, 2018

After some of our discussions today, I thought of some suggestions that may help you improve your reading notes.

first and foremost: check my notes!!!!! they will help you.

Here are the rest...

1) Read the chapter first, then go back and identify what you think is important.

2) Write a few bullet points to summarize the end of every heading/page. (what are the key points at the end of the section?)

3) Anytime something is the "first" or "new" anything, write it down.

4) Work with friends and compare notes!

5) Be specific with your terminology


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