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9th grade U.S. government (continued)


Legislative Branch Kahoot

Posted on March 09, 2020

We played this in class on Monday, March 9 to review for the test on Tuesday, March 10


PIB/AP US Chapter

Posted on February 21, 2020

Hi guys, since we are coming up on course selection I have provided a link for a chapter from the textbook they use in that class.

If you are considering the class please read the chapter and take notes.


Mock Congress: Potential Bill Ideas

Posted on September 23, 2018

We're starting mock congress this week and it will likely take us to the end of the month! You need to write a bill, it may be on anything you'd like (as long as it's constitutional). If you have no idea, well, here are some ideas:


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Step-by-Step Guide to Writing Your Essential Question Icon description

First step in the process of writing this paper - writing and identifying your essential question for your essay.

Think of this question as your essay prompt - it will be what you are answering as you write your essay.

Assignment Sheet: Active Citizenship Research Paper Icon description

Describes and roughly outlines the assignment.

Congressional Vocabulary Icon description

You need to provide a definition for each term in your own words using 10 words or less (12 is fine) and an illustration that describes the term. It does not need to be beautiful, just intended to help you understand and remember the vocabulary.

Bill Template Icon description

Rough rough idea of what your bill should look like.

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