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How do we know what we know, and can we prove it? Should we have to prove it- and if so, under what circumstances or conditions? These questions are the domain of Theory of Knowledge, the required core class for all IB Diploma candidates. Part philosophy, part psychology, and part cultural anthropology, the class will examine issues of knowledge and knowledge claims in all of the subject areas of the IB Diploma Program. Through student led projects, journals, presentations and papers, students will come to a critical understanding of the claims of knowledge in the world around us. The class will also serve as a forum for monitoring progress in CAS requirements and completion of the Extended Essay. (continued)


IA Schedule and Proceedures

Posted on November 19, 2019

P3 12/6- Eojin/Sophia/Alex

12/9- Mia/Catie/Kate

12/10- Joy/Anudeep, Jack

12/11- Akshay/Kobe/Andrew, Sarah/Ada/Emilie

12/13- Kyler/Omri/Cio

P6 12/5- Anant/Aparjita, Tammy/Isabelle, Charlie, Jaden

12/6- Nick/Ainsley/Charlotte

12/9- Jake/Kevin/Ethan

12/10- Aloha/Aja/Pranjal

12/12- Eytan/Mackenzie, Wiley/Tyler, Josh/Tarun

12/13- Will/Zack, Learta/Bella

Note: This is an IB assessment. Not showing or 'not being ready' on your assigned day is the same as failing to show... (continued)

Next Case Study (#3)

Posted on October 11, 2019

For those of you who missed today (Friday) we are watching this film for our next case study. "My Kid Could Paint That" Find it on Amazon

Interesting Follow Up Article about Brains

Posted on October 07, 2019

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