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Jenifer Shott

Counseling Staff

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Jenifer (she-her-hers) is mental health therapist and an alumnum (gender-neutral term for a college graduate) of Metropolitan State University in Denver, where she graduated magna cum laude (meaning "with great honor") in 2012. She went on to earn her Master's of Science degree in Clinical Counseling at the University of Baltimore in Baltimore, Maryland, and completed her internship there in school-based mental health. She has been on the school-based Prevention/Intervention team with Mental Health Partners since the 2016/2017 school year, and has worked in many different schools in BVSD over her time with the agency. In addition to working Mondays and Fridays at Fairview, Jenifer works Tuesday through Thursday each week with the Truancy Improvement Project, an initiative through Boulder County courts, BVSD, and SVVSD that looks for social-emotional solutions for truant kids and their families, rather than the punitive approach often used in dealing with truancy. Jenifer lives in Denver with her cat, Cash.



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