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As a returning teacher to Fairview High School, I am super excited for the upcoming year. This year I have the pleasure of teaching World History, World Humanities, and providing support to the Chinese Language and Culture Club.

I graduated from St. Olaf College in 2009 double majoring in Asian Studies and Chinese Language. My first teaching position was as an English Language Professor at 华东师范大学 (East China Normal University) in Shanghai, China.

I took a leave from classroom instruction to work in industry for 6 years, working at various companies including:

Forney Industries - Fort Collins

Tolmar Pharmaceuticals - Fort Collins

种植留学 (zhong zhi liu xue) - Shanghai

After completing my Master's in Education through Colorado State I joined the team here at Fairview in 2016. My wife, daughter, and I welcomed our newest family member into the world this June 2018. Camille Teresa was born happy and healthy, and momma is doing great too. While I will continue to attend after school events this year, I may give a slight preference to sleep...

You can contact me best through email, but phone calls and scheduled face to face meetings are always welcome.