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Judy Pieken

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Speech-Language Therapist: Originally from Whidbey Island, WA, I've lived in Boulder for 25 years and raised 2 sons here. I've worked as a speech-language pathologist with all ages from infants to the elderly. I've been in the public schools for 17 years and at many different schools across BVSD, but Fairview has been my anchor school for 13 years. I speak two languages fluently and several badly. In this job I work with many students - from those who are nonverbal, to those who stutter, to those who have significant social needs, plus many others. Every year, there's something new 😊 It's a privilege to work with these people and as much as I support them in becoming independent and realizing their own strengths, I personally learn a great deal from them.

I enjoy working on a team and with the students - I am not above popping in to their 5th period Zumba class to learn some new moves. I get bored going to the gym, so I bike around town a lot and also go inner tubing with my sons and nieces. Plus I do the occasional 5k fundraiser - most recently to support the Children's Diabetes Foundation.

I was on the Principal/ Teacher Evaluation committee and that has morphed into the Professional Development program for BVSD. Part of my job is reviewing and providing feedback for my SLP colleagues' IEP evaluations and annual reviews. I am on the Consensus Cadre for BVSD; in this group we help teams across the district establish a framework for more balanced communication so they can address and resolve issues and concerns.



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