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Ken Bean Special Education Department

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(720) 561-3117

Office 604/Classrooms 611 & 648

  • 01611 - Geometry Pre-Taught
  • 02648 - Academic Support Center
  • 03Free
  • 04Free
  • 05648 - Academic Support Center
  • 06General Education Support
  • 07Free
  • 08648 - Academic Support Center

2018-2019 Welcome back! I'm excited as we start the year in a newly renovated building (almost). Hopefully, everyone is feeling as rested and recharged as I am after an incredible summer. Personally, I enjoyed lots of time biking, hiking, swimming, and spending time with my family here and back east. As a family, we traveled to my home state of Vermont, then to my wife's family cottage in Fenelon Falls, Ontario. We ended the trip with three nights in New York City. It was incredible! I continue to be excited to work with my wife, Susie Bean (Language Arts). We commute together most days, biking when we can. This year I will be working primarily with 10th-grade students through several academic support classes and one geometry pre-taught class. I am also taking on the role of our department head. Finally, one of my favorite jobs here at Fairview is as one of the coaches for our Special Olympics Unified Basketball team. Please come and cheer us on during our season in April!