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(720) 561-3117

Office 604/Classrooms 647 & 648

  • 01647 - Algebra Pre-Taught
  • 02647 - Academic Support Center
  • 03Free
  • 04Free
  • 05Freshman Seminar (block)
  • 06648 - Academic Support Center
  • 07Free
  • 08648 - Academic Support Center

2017-2018 Here we go again! I'm excited to start my fourth year at Fairview High School and my 17th year in education. While my degree in college was in finance and information systems, I never looked back once I left my corporate job in Boston to become a special education teacher in Boulder 18 years ago. My experience includes working in juvenile justice, day treatment, and 10 years as a resource teacher at Niwot High School. I love my job at Fairview High School and my students. Fairview is an incredibly inclusive and supportive school where success is not only measured by our brightest students, but rather by the success of all of our students. I truly enjoy working with students with different learning styles; my only wish is that they could always believe in themselves as much as I believe in them. We all have our strengths and weaknesses, but our tendency is to overlook what we are good at and instead to focus on the things that make us struggle. My goal is help students see their gifts and pursue their dreams. I am excited to have this opportunity once again as I will be working primarily with freshman this year. Cheers to another successful year!