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L. Delaunay Masters World Languages Department

L. Delaunay Masters


(720) 561-3326

Room 632

  • 01out of office
  • 02French III preIB (631)
  • 03French III pre IB (631)
  • 04French III
  • 05office 632
  • 06office 632
  • 07French II (626)
  • 08French I (626)

Laurence Delaunay Masters

French native from Crozon, Brittany. Studied in Rennes, University of Bretagne Ouest, France. Masters in Education (1996). 13 years of teaching experience (France and USA.) I have two children, Paul who is 9 and Loic who is 8.

I love teaching and being here at Fairview High school! I feel really lucky to be part of this school! Merci!