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Lynn LiCalsi

World Languages Department

Lynn LiCalsi

[email protected]

(720) 561-3221

Room 624

IB Latin 4, Latin 4 College Prep, PIB Latin 3
Latin 1
Latin 2
Latin 2PIB
Latin 3
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Office Hour
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English/Front I am a human being also you are a human being

English/Back The full declension of the often misunderstood Latin noun for human being homo, hominis = human being,

Be a Mensch! Yiddish/German for Be a decent human being! Be a person of integrity!

The intention behind this design is to promote discussion of the word HOMO, which is misused and is often spoken carelessly and in a hurtful way. Latin Club wants to make the definition of homo hominis clear to all. The "Be a Mensch! addendum reminds people to be a decent human being, one of good character and integrity.

Why study Latin? https://youtu.be/_6eYkDhH61Y

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2018 - 2019 Latin Club Officers

President: Youngbin Yoon Vice President: Sophie Woods Secretaries: Natalie Schuler and Annika Dombrowski Machinator: Emily Balog Treasurer: Theo Wells Events Coordination: Cian Whitehair Art Director: Aidan Wiemer Editors; Eliza Howard and Kindra Roden Public Relations Liasons: Aparajita Kaphle and Willem Serface


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