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Lynn LiCalsi

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Room 624

IB Latin 4, Latin 4 College Prep, PIB Latin 3
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SIGN UP FOR GOOGLE CLASSROOM NOW! LINKS ARE UNDER ASSIGNMENTS AND WE WILL USE GOOGLE CLASSROOM EXCLUSIVELY COVID-19 I miss all of you! I miss teaching you, seeing you hanging out in the hall with your friends, playing after school sports, seeing you on stage acting in plays and singing and playing your instruments in concerts - wow - I even miss Humans vs Zombies! I can't wait to get back to normal school life. How strange it was to enter the building this past Friday - no students or staff anywhere. We were permitted one hour to pick up essential materials. I couldn't help but think about how I was scheduled to travel to Europe with a group of you. Let's hope we can go in June. I want you to know that I truly miss each and every one of you. Please check your class assignments on this website. I have included the access codes for both Google Classroom and Schoology. YOU NEED TO JOIN BOTH! Take it easy this week - spring break. We teachers will start again Monday, March 30. I will open up both Google Classroom and Schoology on that date. Assignments will be given in weekly chunks with one 10 minute online meeting per week each Friday within the time frame of our regularly scheduled class. No worries if you can't get online for the face to face class. We'll work everything out. Most of all, rest up and try to find the best in this difficult situation. A friend of mine wrote, " I never thought I would have the time or inclination to alphabetize my record collection." I, myself, noticed how much dust I have on the moldings in my living room and how many spider webs are forming in places I never look. I am enjoying making Screencasts and gathering online materials for you. Spring will come and...Forsan et haec olim meminisse iuvabit. Vergil Perhaps one day, even these things will be pleasing to remember.

Why is studying Latin beneficial? Watch this... https://www.classicalconversations.com/3-ways-that-latin-can-benefit-you/

National Mythology Exam: Block Lunch, 626, 2/27 National Vocabulary Exam: Block Lunch, 600 wing computer lab 3/5 National Latin Exams: week of March 9-13


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