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This is my fifth year at Fairview High School! I teach social studies because it gives us great opportunities to explore where we have come from, understand how things now relate to past events, and learn about other cultures and societies.

I enjoy traveling, playing board games, hiking, reading, and spending time with my husband, friends, family, and two puppies- Teddy and George. I majored in history and anthropology in my undergrad at CU and completed my masters in education focusing on literacy.

*Late Work Cut Off Dates* These are the following hard deadlines before a missing becomes a 0. (Of course IEPs and 504s will have the appropriate extensions for work around the deadlines)

Fall first half of semester-- October 19 Friday Fall second half of semester-- Dec 7 Friday Spring first half-- March 22 (Friday before spring break) Spring second half--May 10th Friday