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Melissa Nelson Social Studies Department

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(720) 561-3160

Room 642

  • 01World History
  • 02World History
  • 03Plan
  • 04Anthropology
  • 05Lunch/Freshmen Seminar on Wed.
  • 06World Humanities
  • 07World Humanities
  • 08Plan

This is my fourth year at Fairview High School, and I love it! I teach social studies because it gives us great opportunities to explore where we have come from, understand how things now relate to past events, and learn about other cultures and societies. My goal is to help students become passionate, empathetic, informed, critically-thinking members of society who desire to pursue their interests, engage with the world around them, and understand the relevancy of the past and how it can shape our global future.

I enjoy traveling, reading, skiing, running, hiking, playing board games, and spending time with my husband, friends, family, and two puppies. Colorado has been home for the past 11 years.